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Welcome to Leather Jackets .me

Here at leather jackets .me we aim to answer that question most people are wondering when buying a new leather jacket. "What is the best leather jacket for me"

Leather Jackets are a must have piece for any one with a fashion sense, Leather jackets look great in brown and black. Yet their are many other colours and styles.

The main styles of leather jackets include:

● Motorcycle leather jackets - Are an essential for any motorbike rider to stay warm on rides and also to protect you if you fall off.

● Fringed Leather jackets - Fringed leather jackets are either a style you love or hate, many people who embrace the cowboy and cow girl style have this style of jacket.

● Perforated Leather jackets- Perforated leather jackets are a some what cheaper style of leather jackets, I have owned a few in the past and I don't recommend them as they can split easier. Sure they are a nice style and look delightful yet in terms of quality they do not rate highly.

● Custom Made Leather jackets - If you don't like what is on the market in terms of leather jackets get your own one custom made to the specific style you desire, I had one custom made and its been far superior in terms of quality in comparison to other leather jackets I own.

● Urban Style leather jackets - Urban style leather jackets are very popular, this style includes things which have hoodies on them and a more gangsta style leather jacket.

● Men's and ladies styled leather jackets - Classic style leather jackets are one of the most popular styles you can choose.



Popular stars in leather jackets -

leather jacket

The new James Bond Daniel Craig in a great leather Jacket.

daniel craig leather jacket

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